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Iskustva u suzbijanju američkog cvrčka na području sjeverno-istočne Slovenije

B.Matko, J.Miklavc, M.Mešl (2013) - Zbornik predavanj in referatov 11. Slovenskega posvetovanja

Prikazani su rezultati petogodišnjeg istraživanja ucinkovitosti insekticida u suzbijanju americkog cvrcka na podrucju sjeverno-istocne Slovenije. Ispitana je ucinkovitost insekticida u suzbijanju americkog cvcka pri jednostrukoj ili dvostrukoj primjeni insekticida u dva razlicita razdoblja primjene (prvo neposredno nakon cvatnje, a drugo istovremeno s periodom tretiranja druge generacije grozdovih moljaca). Ispitana je ucinkovitost pripravaka Actara 25 WG (tiametoksam), Keynatox verde (piretrin), Pyrinex 25 CS (klorpirifos), Reldan 22 EC (klorpirifos-metil), Steward (indoksakarb). Najbolja ucinkovitost postignuta je primjenom pripravaka Actara 25 WG i Reldan 22 EC.

In the article we present the five - year results of testing some insecticides against American grapevine leafhopper in northeastern part of Slovenia. In trials we are testing efficacy of insecticides against American grapevine leafhopper with one or two sprayings in two different times of spraying (first was after flowering of grape vine and second was in the time of control against second generation of European Grapevine Moth and Vine Moth). In the trials were used insecticides Actara 25 WG, Decis 2,5 EC, Kenyatox verde, Pyrinex 25 CS, Reldan 22 EC and Steward. The highest efficacy was shown by variants with insecticides Actara 25 WG and Reldan 22 EC.

(Kristina Grozić)
Published on: 05/01/2016
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