Grapevine pruning wounds protection - Experiences in Trichoderma application (GTD)

Marrone Bio Innovations (Isagro and L'Informatore Agrario)

This video presents Italian experiences in grapevine trunk diseses preventative management with Trichoderma application on pruning wounds.

Stefano Di Marco (CNR), Franca Reggiori (Isagro), Giovanni Bigot (Perleuve srl), Anselmo Montermini (Director ot the phytosanitary consortium of Reggio Emilia and Modena), Alberto Grasso (Fontanafredda srl), Giuseppe Rama (Cantina di Soave), Alessandro Chellini (Felsina spa), Antonio Dente (Mastroberardino spa).

(Kristina Grozić)
Published on: 12/24/2016
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    • Grapevine pruning wounds protection - Experiences in Trichoderma application
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