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The first detection of a phytoplasma from the 16SrV (Elm yellows) group in the mosaic leafhopper Orientus ishidae

M. Mehle, G. Seljak, M. Rupar, M. Ravnikar and M. Dermastia

In 2009 in Slovenia, an uncultivable cell-wall-less pathogenic bacterium of the class Mollicutes - a phytoplasma belonging to the 16SrV (Elm yellows) group was found in the mosaic leafhopper (Orientus ishidae) [Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha: Cicadellidae]. Molecular analyses showed that the phytoplasma isolates from O. ishidae resembled those of flavescence dorée (FD) phytoplasma strains, which are present in European grapevines. FD phytoplasmas in Europe are classified as quarantine organisms and are associated with the most important grapevine yellows disease flavescence dorée. FD's only known natural vector is the leafhopper Scaphoideus titanus [Homoptera: Cicadellidae] (Mori et al., 2002), although, Dictyophara europaea[Hemiptera: Dictyopharidae] has been shown to transmit FD phytoplasmas among grapevine plants in greenhouse conditions (Filippinet al., 2009). O. ishidae is a polyphagous leafhopper species which originates from the eastern Palaearctic region, and was reported for the first time in Europe in Switzerland in 2002 (Günthart & Mühlethaler,2002). Since its first detection in Slovenia in 2004 (Seljak, 2004), it has spread countrywide


Keywords: Flavescence Dorée, Scaphoideus titanus

Published on: 29/08/2016
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